eMachines and Laptop Keys

eMachines are enjoyed by users all over the world. After all, this brand has a simple philosophy, which is to make high-quality notebooks and PCs at affordable prices. This is exactly why many people choose this brand. However, just because a laptop or notebook computer performs well, does not mean it will never require any maintenance. Like all laptops and netbooks on the market today, eMachines sometimes call for a little maintenance or repair. For instance, laptop keys tend to wear out and become nonfunctional after extensive typing and daily use.


You will not have any difficulty replacing laptop keys on your eMachines, regardless of the model. In fact, we offer replacement keys for models such as E525, E625, E627, and E725. Which notebook model do you have? It is important to take note of the computer model so you can acquire the right replacement SHIFT, H, CONTROL, or DELETE key for your eMachines computer.


As with other computer brands, replacing a laptop key or two is a cinch. It all comes down to a key cap, retainer clip, and rubber cup. Once we deliver these inexpensive parts to your door, you can install the new laptop keyboard key(s) with little effort. We even provide charts with photos to help you install the retainer clip and rubber cup mechanisms correctly before snapping on the new key. If you have any questions or concerns regarding eMachines and replacement laptop keys, we are happy to assist you.


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6 Responses to “eMachines and Laptop Keys”
  1. Sylvia Scally says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I received my I key the very next afternoon. One day service! I’m
    impressed. Now if my son leaves my lap top open and the cats use it as a
    scratch pad I don’t have to get so mad at him because now I know where to
    turn. Thank you very much.

  2. dave locke says:

    Got the keys and installed them right away.
    it looks great
    the right color and I still don’t know if they are silver or bronze
    it was fast service and I like it!
    thanx a lot!!!

  3. Ramiro Cortes says:

    I want to thank you for your prompt service. I received the keys and had them installed; everything is good as new. Now I will not have to kill the dog. He thanks you too~

  4. Dan M says:

    Hi James, just wanted to thank you for shipping out my replacement keys so quickly, less than a week after my mishap (more like 5 days, weekend included) here I am typing my thanks on my new keys. Keep up the good work! –Dan M, Normal IL

  5. Dr srinivasan UK says:

    Hi james

    I recieved the replacement key and fitted ina matter of few minutes. Ihave been trying to do this a few month in Uk and have been quoted 50 times the price!.

    Great service and would like to recommend if i had any opportunity to do so.Thanks again.

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